Wedding Cake Postal Sample Boxes

''I received a sample box of Lucie’s cakes and they were absolutely amazing. It’s nice to see a baker take as much care with the taste of the cake as with the outside. Truly exceptional outside and in''

Every couple who kindly booked me to create their wedding cake will receive a complimentary delicious postal cake sample box. Maybe I am a bit biased but I think they are one of the most exciting things to receive during your wedding planning and a nice change from forms and invoices! 

I bake all my cakes from scratch and all my sample boxes fresh (never pre-frozen). I create whole cakes and then slice and individually wrap carefully therefore as its a very time consuming process I allocate 3 days to create the sample boxes monthly during off peak wedding season (September - March). As the majority of couples book their wedding date 1-2 years in advance it works out perfectly and all upcoming dates are displayed below.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Most people are aware of the huge environmental impact of animal agriculture lhas for water use, land loss and Greenhouse Gas emissions therefore choosing a vegan wedding cake is a kinder and greener option overall.


I might be a little company but I believe every little helps so have taken a lot of time resourcing fantastic packaging that helps our planet that little bit more. 


  • Every postal box is made with recycled kraft cardboard

  • All padding is recycled shredded tissue paper

  • Each cake sample is wrapped in a plant based type cellophane called cellouse which is a film made from sugar beet, potatoes and corn. Its pretty incredible as feels like plastic cellophane but is bio gradable and compostable.

  • Tissue paper is recycled and printed with water based inks

  • Napkins made from natural sustainable

  • Recycled wooden cutlery 

  • Sting twine to tie things together

  • Sticky tape is recycled plastic and parcel tape is paper and latex (rubber tree)

  • My business cards are printed on recycled card using vegetable based inks

The most frustrating part is by being kinder its cost me more pennies then just using single use plastic but I think it's worth it by not being a cost to our beautiful planet. If you can, its wonderful to try to reuse any of the packaging before recycling too.

Inside Your Cake Sample Box

In your complimentary wedding cake sample box you will recieve a variety of five delicious flavours. Sample boxes are a great way of experiencing how moist, yummy and the texture of my cakes.


I am proud of my extensive menu of perfected cake flavours but having a big menu I cannot take flavour requests for each couple but I always choose the most popular flavours alongside one which isn't always considered too. I also like to choose flavours that fillings can simply just be swapped (e.g. a chocolate cake but choosing different filling could become chocolate bounty, hazelnut, oreo, salted caramel, black forest etc.)

All cake boxes are sent via 1st Class Royal Mail to the comfort of your own home. I know many cake makers watch you try the different flavours in front of them but over the years I have discovered many people can feel awkward. Everyone has likes and dislikes so by eating them together you can share your honest thoughts on each flavour to make the right flavour choices for your wedding cake. I simply want you to enjoy your wedding planning, be happy and have fun!

Upcoming Postal Cake Box Dates

My next upcoming postal cake box dates are...