Lucie Loves To Bake and COVID-19

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

You may have questions how COVID-19 may affect your wedding day so my post today will hopefully will spread some positive vibes and reassurance.

🌷Firstly I intend to create EVERY single wedding cake booked. I have spent this week working as usual and very excited to create every wedding cake this year! My cleanliness and hygiene way exceeds the standards implemented by environmental health and I hold the maximum food hygiene rating. If anything my anxiety has made me go a little over the top with cleaning this week, I started disinfecting every single felt tip pen yesterday 🙈

🌷Stock/Ingredients🌷 As many of you may have witnessed our supermarkets are a bit bare at the moment. Luckily I already store a large amount of ingredients as like to be very organised. The fear of not being able to create a wedding has made me go on a mission this week... I feel I have travelled to every supermarket in Hants/Dorset to seek various ingredients which are harder to find. I have spent hundreds of pounds via so many sources/shops/online and way more then usual for certain items but making sure I can full fill every order is so important to me.

Certain items need to be fresh and in uncertain times we are yet to know if these will be available the week of your wedding (e.g. fresh limes, lemons, fruit etc) and if this is the case I will always be in touch to consider a different flavour cake for example or slight adaption (e.g. high quality lemon extract instead of fresh lemon and zest baked in a sponge).

🌷If I Contract Covid-19🌷

In the worst case scenario that I contract COVID-19 I will self-isolate as required and will not be able to create your wedding cake. In this worst case scenario I will refund all money paid to date via bank transfer and will be in contact as soon as possible. In times like these I am proud I believe in community over competition and have a wonderful network of vegan and local cake makers which support one another so hopefully this wouldn't even be the case.

Luckily I am a secret introvert, don't mingle in crowded environments or have children going to school etc. I spend my free time out in the fresh air with nature or crafting at home but I understand we can all get it from all sorts of ways.

🌷Cancellation🌷 If you decide to cancel your wedding cake my normal terms and conditions apply. If for example your venue decided to close forcing you to cancel your wedding date I would advise to contact your wedding insurance like usual.

🌷Changing Your Wedding Date🌷 If you decide to reschedule your wedding date, communication is key! Please reach out with the new date you are considering so I can check availability..

It is a goodwill gesture for me to transfer bookings and technically as a small business I will unfortunately loose out on a empty weeks earnings. I will ALWAYS try my hardest to accommodate and I am more then happy to transfer your wedding cake booking and monies paid to another date this year subject to availability.

I want to be as flexible as I can and as a special circumstance due to COVID-19 I can accept a reschedule of date up until 2 weeks before your booked wedding date for a new date in 2020 subject to availability.

🌷Lastly please please keep supporting little small businesses within your community. I also hope all my wonderful lovely followers and customers are well. I understand in these uncertain times its very easy to be consumed by the media and negativity which can make you feel so overwhelmed. I want to reach out and tell people that looking after your wellbeing is just as important as your physical health. Self care is incredibly important and being kind to others in a stressful time. If anyone fancies a chat I am always here on a personal level too :)

Lots of Love Lucie xx