Cute Little Vegan Shortbread Hearts Recipe

These adorable mini shortbread hearts are so cute and look lovely on naked and semi naked wedding cakes. These are naturally egg free, dairy free and vegan too.

You don't have to bake hearts, you can use any shape you wish or even bake in a tray. I love hearts so for me its hearts every time!

They are so simple to make, you will need...

260g softened dairy free baking block 120g caster sugar 260g plain flour 120g rice flour (found quite often in the gluten free section) pinch of salt 1 teaspoon of quality vanilla extract (I recommend Nielsen and Massey Madagascar bourbon pure vanilla bean paste which has the vanilla pod seeds in too)

  • First cream your butter and caster sugar together using a hand mixer adding the vanilla and pinch of salt.

  • Sieve the rice flour and plain flour into the bowl and use a spoon to bind everything together. You may find it easier as it comes together to use your hands to make the dough.

  • The dough is a little like pastry to handle so is a little tricky to roll out but if you have no rolling pin you could easily squash with your hands before cutting. Add some flour to your work surface to avoid sticking. Give your cutter a wiggle to get a clean cut. I

  • Cut your heart shapes out around 1cm thick and pop them on a parchment covered baking tray as you go. Prick the hearts with a fork to make little holes on the surface.

  • *Important Bit* Put your tray of shortbread in the fridge for at least 30 mins to chill (this is essential as it ensures the shortbread doesn't spread in the oven so you get lovely perfect hearts)

  • Preheat the oven to around 160c and bake until nearly golden brown. Once they are golden brown all over they are over cooked but when the edges are just very slightly done I find this perfect

  • Once baked sprinkle caster sugar over the warm shortbread and after a few mins leave to cool on a wire rack.

These little mini hearts took just over 15-20 mins to bake however every oven is different so if you have a fan oven or gas you may need to change your temperature accordingly. I don't ever time anything, its best just to go by eye.

If you have any questions just ask and if you have a go let me know too, I would love your feedback! :)

Lucie xx

(Recipe credit - from my Mummy)