Pros & Cons Of Naked Wedding Cakes

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Naked and semi naked wedding cakes are a wedding cake trend which looks like it is going to be just as popular in 2018.

These wedding cakes are perfect for couples who do not like ganache or iced wedding cakes, ideal to match a rustic or vintage decorated wedding venue and also cheaper too so budget friendly.

I really love naked wedding cakes I think they are simple yet effective and I love them more when decorated with fresh fruit and a dusting of icing sugar however I do believe there are negatives too. I am very honest and take such pride in my work therefore I do refuse a lot of a naked wedding cake orders during the summer months depending on the environment as I would not want to make something I am not 100% happy with. I think naked wedding cakes work only in certain situations and venues therefore I wanted to create a pros and cons list for couples to bear in mind...


Raw Beauty

  • A naked wedding cake looks fantastic, its raw beauty of being not iced and revealing all the fillings and sponge layers fits in so well with rustic, vintage or woodland wedding themes and great in older wedding venues or barns.


  • They look truly delicious especially made with different flavour or vegan flavour tiers. You can mix and match flavours to get different colours with chocolate looking lovely as a middle tier in-between a more neutral colour such as lemon or vanilla.

Budget Friendly

  • Due to less hours and cost in ganache and sugar paste a naked or semi-naked wedding cake is cheaper then a simple decorated wedding cake. My wedding cake prices can be found here


  • They can be decorated in a variety of ways such as mini shortbread hearts, fresh flowers from your florist, fruits such as strawberries, blackberries, blue berries, raspberries and red currants. Yum! Touches of edible gold/silver leaf can be added to semi-naked wedding cakes too if you have a metallic theme. Check out my find a semi naked wedding cake gallery for inspiration.


They melt!

  • Yep... I have heard so many horror stories about collapsing naked cakes therefore really are not suitable for a hot summers day in a marquee or a outside wedding with direct sunlight for example. I dowel and stack correctly however when fillings of butter cream and jams gets warm naked cakes are not ideal for very hot weather.


  • Naked wedding cakes can not be transported stacked so need to be assembled at your venue and decorated. This process takes a while so do bear this in mind if your venue has a strict supplier timetable.

Shelf Life

  • I love how a wedding cake can take centre stage to be admired and tie in all your wedding decorations and theme. Unfortunately naked wedding cakes do tend to be eaten earlier in the day as they are not sealed so naturally dry out round the edges. This is something to consider if for example you wanted your wedding cake eaten in the evening but your wedding starts in the morning. I would need to arrive even earlier to set up, assemble and decorate therefore your naked wedding cake could easily be sat out for 11 hours!

Gate Crashers

  • No one likes wedding gate crashers but especially the insect variety. Jams, sweet syrups, sponge cake and fresh fruit are flies and wasps favourite snack and they want to enjoy your naked wedding cake too!

They look 'easy'

  • Again its something a lot of venues have faced with of a family member or friend has baked a naked wedding cake and the poor venue chef has had to try and save it collapsing. A naked cake looks easy and although a family member maybe can bake delicious cakes do they also know how to trim a cake in even layers, pipe butter cream even and position support dowels correctly? A naked cake relies on its inside structure to make it look amazing and if just one cake is not level the whole cake will lean and potentially collapse. I always take a spirt level and have a lot of experience stacking wedding cakes so its one less worry. It can also be unfair for a family member or friend to be stressing on the morning of the wedding assembling your cake and baking the day/all night before when they want to enjoy your special day too.

I really hope you have enjoyed reading my advice of naked and semi wedding cakes which may help your decision too if a naked wedding cake is right for your wedding. I have made some gorgeous naked and semi naked wedding cakes and they are so perfect for spring, autumn and winter weddings or in the right locations/venues. Please do bear in mind the weather and where your naked cake will be displayed to make sure you have a perfect wedding cake for your perfect day.

My standard 3 tier naked or semi naked wedding cake to serve 74 wedding dessert or 148 token gesture portions is priced at £325 including any 3 flavours, local delivery, set up and decoration of fresh fruit or shortbread hearts.

My previous work can be found in my portfolio and welcome anyone to give me a call or message for a friendly chat to see if a naked wedding cake is right for you.

Love Lucie x

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